How we do what we do:

The first step is, of course, to fully understand what is required. 
During the initial briefing we will identify what you want to achieve, this will allow us to tailor our work to satisfy your needs.

You can then provide us with your design information in the form of CAD files, PDFs, photographs or sketches, depending on what is most appropriate for your particular project.

We will create an initial 3D model set up and supply you with draft images to allow any details to be added or amended as required before moving on.  At this stage we can also agree how any animation is to be dealt with and establish the desired camera shots and motion required.

With the form and motion of the subject established we will apply surface textures to achieve your desired final look.

When this detailing is approved we can move on to the final rendering stage to produce your finished high quality images or animation.

Delivery can be made digitally by e-mail or on CD or DVD.  If you need to have web, print or broadcast media arranged, we can either put you in contact with trusted providers for these additional services or take care of the whole process for you.